What led Democrats to massive electoral defeats in North Carolina

The Democrats were warned by the people time and again over the last two years and did they listen or care? The answer is NO they did not and the people used their votes to make their voices heard! Democrats do you hear us now?

A faltering economy, steady unemployment and the reaction to a federal government controlled by Democrats all contributed to the sweeping gains made by North Carolina Republicans last week. For the first time in more than a century, the GOP will control both houses of the General Assembly, ending an unprecedented era of Democratic rule. Some have opined that this represents a long-over due switch for a conservative Southern state in line with Republican principles more than Democratic philosophy. SOURCE

World’s first urine-powered fuel cells to offer pee power to people

Going Green? I guess everyone can now get a job standing in line at your nearest restroom. How much per gallon?

This could literally be called pee power to the people-researchers have figured out a way to make the world’s first urine-powered fuel cells.

Chemistry postdocs Shanwen Tao and Rong Lan at Heriot-Watt University’s School of Engineering and Physical Sciences in Edinburgh are turning pee into electricity and clean water with a prototype fuel cell system. I had heard about pee-power for robots, but not pee-power for everyone. SOURCE

Unemployment Map For Conservatives and Liberals

This post is for Liberals, conservatives, Democrats and Republicans! If you agree with Obama and the Democrats that the stimulus money saved or created jobs OR if you disagree with Obama then you need to see this! Starting in 2007 until now! Afterwards please comment if you still agree with Obama or disagree.  Click on link below and you will find the Employment map from the Bureau of Labor and or a link to watch it on you tube which ever you perfer.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Or watch it here on YOU TUBE


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