Barack Hussein Obama Wants To Retreat From His Attack On Our Health Care

Where is that sneaky grin now Obama?

President Barack Obama suggested he’s open to Congress passing a scaled-back health-care bill, potentially sacrificing much of his signature policy initiative as chaos engulfed Capitol Hill Wednesday.Winning Republican support for even a modified version of the bill also seemed unlikely. “You can’t drive a policy that doesn’t have the support of the American people,” said Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe, the Republican who had shown the most openness to passing the bill during last year’s health negotiations. SOURCE

Obama has now started his retreat from the health care bill that the American people has made plain that they do not want, but he will try to still pass a smaller health care bill to save his political career. In other words he now has the far left liberals mad as hell with him, the far right mad as hell with him and the center mad at him not only over the government take over of our health care but we’re mad as hell over Obama trying to pass the cap-and-trade bill against our will and pushing his socialist agenda and his big spending spree. We’re also see all those far left radicals that surround him! So a word for you Obama, it’s not just the health care bill that we don’t like about you! Its looking more like President Bush set to high a standard for you to go by Obama! The blame game is over and now Obama job approval is upon himself which isn’t very good for his first year in the White House.


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Reid’s Public Option Plan Dead

Reid is considered a master at accurately discerning how many votes a senate proposal will receive. But even he admits he’s at least two or three votes short of having the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster and bring the bill to a vote. In addition to Lieberman’s announcement that he’ll side with the GOP and filibuster any proposal for a federal public-option, GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine said she was “deeply disappointed” by Reid’s decision. Assuming those two votes are lost, Reid and the White House which favored Snowe’s “public-option trigger” proposal probably will have to persuade at least two of the three moderate Democrats who are known to be on the fence: Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb.; Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La.; and Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark. Nelson has said a bill will have to enjoy at least some GOP support, to receive his backing. Losing Snowe the lone GOP supporter of healthcare reform could be a critical obstacle to garnering his vote. Read More

Thank you blue dog democrats, now please don’t flip-flop back to help Reid shove this government ran health care bill down Americans throats. Thanks to Lieberman and Snowe for not falling for Reid’s sucker move!