Democrats Take Black Voters for Granted

The Democrats never did anything for black Americans in the past and the blacks kept voting for the party so why should the Democrats think anything else. The blacks and whites better wake-up and forget skin color and political parties and vote for the person that will put our Country in the right direction to get out of this recession. Check out their past records and how they voted and then decide which one to vote for. Don’t listen to what they promise, because they can not seem to keep promises.

White treads fine line

“Bill White Snubs President Obama” is atop an opinion piece by Akwasi Evans in Austin’s NOKOA weekly newspaper, part of the African-American Texas Publishers Association. The next line can’t hearten White supporters: “Takes Black Voters for Granted.”
“This is a huge concern,” Evans, NOKOA’s publisher and editor, said of White’s decision to stick with a campaign schedule apart from Obama’s events in Austin and Dallas on Monday. “It says that in Texas, Democrats like to run to the right.”
Evans told me he sees White courting the undecided, “middle-class white vote … and I think he has eroded his base in the process … I don’t see much difference between his positions and (GOP Gov.) Rick Perry’s when it comes to working-class people in Texas.” SOURCE

Some Democrats Hug Obama, Others Shun Him

Bill White, the Democratic candidate for governor of Texas is keeping not only his physical distance from the president but his political separation as well. He criticizes Mr. Obama for being a big spender, and, in what can only be considered a dig at the president in the eyes of citizens of this energy-rich state, told the Dallas Morning News, “I was in the oil and gas business when he was a community organizer.”
Expect to see this Texas scenario played out across the Sunbelt — the same thing happened last week in Georgia where Roy Barnes, the Democratic nominee for governor, scheduled himself somewhere else -– as well as in Plains states and the Rocky Mountain West this fall. Keep reading at the SOURCE

Now 20 States Against ObamaCare

Obama and the Democrats refused to listen to the American people so this is what the government gets…voting this group of political crooks out of Washington come the November elections.

Currently there are two different efforts afoot for overthrowing ObamaCare, one on constitutional grounds and the other a state rejection of the law.

First, some 20 states, led by Florida Attorney Gen. Bill McCollum–and recently joined by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), representing some 350,000 small businesses–have filed suit against ObamaCare, claiming that the legislation is unconstitutional.

On Monday a federal judge denied the Obama administration’s request to dismiss the Virginia lawsuit, declaring, “Unquestionably, this regulation radically changes the landscape of health insurance coverage in America.” Keep reading at SOURCE

Americans can you see pass the free handouts?

How can any American,  black, white or any other color support Barack Obama and the Democrats after seeing what they have done to we the American people and our great Country?  Are most blacks far left liberals?  If you’re not then how can you still be supporting Obama’s agenda?  If blacks are not far left liberals then why is it that almost 90% of blacks support Obama?  Don’t all Americans see what Barack Obama is doing to America after a year and half with him in the White House?  Obama has left America’s borders wide open allowing anyone to come into the Country illegally and staying, these could be terrorist.   Obama administration is mostly far left Radicals pick personally by him. 

Obama and the Democrats has refused to allow the American people to have a say on bills like Obama’s healthcare that the Democrats by-passed the Senate by using their back room dealings.  For the first time in history forcing you the citizen to buy a product.  All this while allowing illegals to sneak across the borders to have a baby in our hospitals free of charge…he can’t force illegals to buy insurance but he is forcing the citizens of The United States to buy insurance or be fined. 

While Obama is building bigger Government to rule over our every day lives and spending like crazy driving up our debt into the trillions, he’s down sizing our strong military to a weaker military fighting force with small arms to defend the Country.  Making deals with Russian to get rid of our nukes. 

I will ask this: (1)  Why do you think President Obama is spending like crazy into the trillions?  (2) Why is he leaving our borders wide open for illegals to come in?  (3) Why is he weakening our Military? (4) Why does Obama want to limit our drilling for oil, forcing The United States to rely on other Countries for her oil?  

Something really smells fishy does it not!


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