Sanjay Gupta withdraws as surgeon general candidate (Another One Gone)

Some groups cited his critical reporting on government-run healthcare systems.

Some liberal physicians raised the possibility of conflict of interest because Gupta had participated in television programming on a health channel for doctor’s offices. The programming was partly underwritten by drug companies.

Gupta’s withdrawal was the latest in a series of unexpected problems the administration has encountered in filling senior positions problems that have consumed time, energy and political capital.

Some of the problems have involved such issues as failure to pay taxes or meet other legal obligations.

Others have centered on political infighting among interest groups that supported Obama in his bid for the White House.

This nomination fell into the latter category: Just days after Gupta’s name was disclosed as a possible choice for surgeon general, House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), a supporter of universal healthcare, mounted a public campaign to mobilize opposition in Congress.

Conyers argued that Gupta’s past criticism of government-centered healthcare meant Gupta would not be vigorous enough in advocating for the poor and disadvantaged. Read More

Obama administration tried smoothing it over by cite personal reasons which isn’t that what they always do! Obama and his administration has a problem accepting their down falls.