School wants to Search Student Cell Phones (Video)

The government has crossed the line when it comes to privacy of the American citizens! The schools want to monitor our children’s cell phones. See Video Here

To monitor our children’s cell phones would mean that school officials would be listening in on the conversations between parents and their children.
Tarheeltalker published “What Privacy” on his blog saying schools allows parents to track what their children are buying for breakfast and lunch while at school. This story does not end there, School officials in New Canaan, Ct are in the very preliminary stages of considering if they should add radio frequency tags to student and staff id cards and possibly place them on school property says Tarheeltalker.

How much longer will the American people allow the government and schools to take over the lives and privacy of our children? As voters we better start keeping up with what’s happening daily in government and our schools! We’re losing our freedom and our privacy faster than I have every seen in my life time. We’re becoming a Country under the control of dictators, we wake-up before it’s to late to change course!

This digging into our privacy by schools and the government is happening at the time the Obama administration is calling it racist profiling to ask illegals in this Country for their papers! We as Americans are stupid if we let this continue!

Privacy Battle Gets Personal for Facebook

I really don’t have much of an opinion on this story except the people who use Facebook knows that they’re opening up their personal lives to the public.

The man who made everyone’s life an open book can no longer leave his house without everyone knowing what car he drives (an Acura TSX), where he hangs out (the Nut House), and what sort of shoes he wears (flip-flops, more often than not).

Welcome, Mark Zuckerberg, to the world you created . . . like it or not.

Citing what it calls the destructive effect that Zuckerberg’s creation — social-networking powerhouse Facebook — has had on privacy, a website has decided to eliminate his privacy, hiring a photographer to stalk the 26-year-old multibillionaire and publishing photos of his house, his car, his girlfriend … his life. Is turnabout fair play? SOURCE

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