Thousands of Minnesota Nurses Strike at 14 Hospitals

Has Obamacare already started affecting hospitals and their workers? This is happening in Minnesota so will it spread across America. What is your take on this issue?  I say our health care system is in trouble and will get worst the more Obamacare takes over. 

More than 12,000 nurses went on strike at 14 hospitals Thursday, primarily to demand increased staffing they say is needed to improve patient safety. The hospitals responded by bringing in extra non-union staff, hiring 2,800 replacement nurses and reducing patient counts.

The union wants to write rigid staffing levels into their contracts, reduce the hospitals’ ability to “float” nurses from department to department and order hospitals to shut down units, with some exceptions, at 90 percent capacity in the name of patient safety. They also are resisting a proposal to reduce their pensions.

The hospitals claim the union’s staffing proposals would increase costs by $250 million a year without improving safety. The hospitals also say that even with their proposed pension cuts, a nurse with 25 years of experience would receive $3,000 a month at retirement.

Full-time nurses at the Minnesota hospitals are paid an average of $79,000 a year, or about $10,000 more than the national average. However, most nurses work part-time and when they are figured in the average Minnesota nurse makes about $62,000 a year, or $38 an hour. READ MORE AT SOURCE