Reality check: North Carolina 8th district political ads

This is just a few of the political ads for the mid-term elections and seem they have been checked for truth which many are not truthful at all. It’s best for we the voters to check out the past records of these politicians and base our votes on their past performance instead of what they’re promising us today. We not only need a change in Washington, but need a change locally as well. Don’t forget that politicians tell you what they know you want to hear and not what they really will do if elected so the only way for us to make a good decision on who to vote for is to know what they have done in the past! We also need to vote or we have no ground to complain!

North Carolina Senate Race Moves Balance to Solid GOP

This is good news for the people of North Carolina! We have to make a change to get our Country back on the right track! We Tarheels seem to be doing our part in this change!

New polling in North Carolina has moved that state’s U.S. Senate race from Leans Republican to Solid Republican. SOURCE

A looming $3 Billion Hole in North Carolina State Budget

The states were warned of this happening if they accepted the Obama stimulus money, but did the democrats listen! NO THEY DID NOT! Now North Carolina is one of many having a budget problem created by Obama’s stimulus money and the polices of the democrats. Did the North Carolina Democrats such as Dewey Hill listen to the warnings!  NO THEY DID NOT!  Now we’re 3 billion in the hole and we the taxpayers will be forced to pay higher taxes.

A looming $3 billion hole in the state budget could mean that temporary tax increases put in place last year won’t be so temporary after all.

State legislators haven’t said yet whether they will extend the taxes as they try to balance a budget without the benefit of federal stimulus money that is set to run out next year.

The current budget, which takes the state through June 30 of next year, relies on roughly $1.6 billion in one-time stimulus money, plus another $1 billion or so from temporary taxes put in place in 2009 and set to expire next year

Calls for cuts and a hard-line on tax increases will be part of the GOP mantra this election season. Republican legislators called for the state to overhaul its budget and prepare for next year repeatedly during the last legislative session. SOURCE

It’s time to send Dewey Hill packing for home and elect Tristan Patterson that will listen to the people and make decisions based on what’s best for we the people of North Carolina!


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