Fear Obama’s Lawsuit Against Arizona’s Popular Immigration Law Will Cost Democrats

By his federal lawsuit against Arizona’s Obama is same as saying to you the illegal immigrants that the U.S. border is wide open and to come on over because we will not deport you back to Mexico, we will make the companies fire you and charge the companies a big fine. You illegals can then buy more false ID’s and find another company to work for until we raid it and then charge another big fine. If you can not find another job then where will you get your food and a roof over your head? Rob, steal, shoplifting, and sell drugs? Yes that’s the life style Obama is forcing you illegal immigrants into. In other words Obama is making it unsafe for American citizens with company raid parties. 
Obama isn’t doing you a favor, he’s in fact planning to get votes from the legal mexican citizens while turning  illegal  immigrants to crime. 
I have news for the democrats that are up for election in November,  you have already back Obama in so many of these socialist programs against the will of the people that your days are numbered in Congress.  


Democratic governors are fretting that the Obama administration is going to cost the party severely in midterm elections in November with its federal lawsuit against Arizona’s popular immigration law even as the Justice Department mulls yet another lawsuit for racial profiling against the state.

Polls have found consistently that nearly two-thirds of Americans support the Arizona law and that a solid majority would like a similar law in their own states.



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Obama blame Republicans For Trying To Stop His Big Spending Spree

He is trying to make the case to the nation that the $862 billion stimulus plan prevented disaster and is fueling job growth even while millions are still out of work. And he is doing it at a time when Republicans are pounding him for running up a long-term bill for taxpayers, the same frustration that helped give rise to the Tea Party movement and that has made the budget deficit a bigger worry for voters across the spectrum.

Seizing on a political opportunity, Obama used his latest getaway from Washington to lash out at Republicans

Boehner shot back in a statement: “The president should be focused on solving the problems of the American people — stopping the leaking oil and cleaning up the Gulf, scrapping his job-killing agenda, repealing and replacing ObamaCare — instead of my choice of metaphors.”

Obama’s comments about debt came amid a national sense of bailout fatigue, with his own economic leadership in question. Read More at the SOURCE

Obama is blaming the Republicans for trying to STOP his BIG SPENDING SPREE. Does not that make you build up a great big belly laugh! I have news for you Obama, the American people want you to STOP your BIG SPENDING SPREE using our TAX MONEY. The month of JUNE JOB DATA isn’t looking very good so what did the $862 billion stimulus money do for we the unemployed?  Obama you need to know that we the people have learned over the last two years that you can not be trusted. We also have learned that you will do anything legal or illegal to pass your socialist agenda bills! Plus we know that you’re hiding something sinful in your background that would most likely end your political career if we the American people found out what it is! Maybe after the Republicans take over congress in November we will find out just who you are Barack Obama! Just maybe!

Another Democrat Gives Up On Midterm Election!

Democrat Rep. Vic Snyder of Arkansas announced tonight he, too, will not be seeking reelection in November. Specifically, Snyder cited the uphill battle he’d face to win. Republican Griffin currently leads Snyder by 17 points in polls. SOURCE

Hey liberals why do you think these democrats are giving up on the election and retiring for home life? Don’t you think that it’s because most Americans are fed up with Obama and the democrats spending, spending and socialist agenda! Where are you bragging liberals at, not as many of you spamming conservative boggers these days!


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