Thousands of Americans demand mainstream media listen to outcry


Can you hear us now?” asked protesters around the country this weekend, challenging the mainstream media to drop a perceived news bias and give fair coverage to the growing movement against Obama administration policies.

Grassroots organizers pulled together small groups of protesters in dozens of U.S. cities yesterday and today, including more than 100 who descended upon the offices of the Florida’s St. Petersburg Times this morning.

“The press needs to be unbiased,” Joe Sekola, an organizer of a group called the North Pinellas 9.12 Project, told the Times. “You guys are the watchdogs.”

The paper reports protesters accused the media in general of biased reporting on Big Government issues like health care reform and stimulus spending. They carried signs reading “State Run Media,” “Take the Left From Your Slant,” and “Journalism Malpractice – Just Report the Facts.” Read More

Sooner or later the news media, Obama and the democrat control congress will hear us, if not they will feel the effects in the 2010 and 2012 elections. I don’t see the blue dog democrats taking such a gamble on losing their seats to go along with Obama and his big spending or the health care trillions of dollar bill, if they do follow Obama then we shall not feel bad about voting them out of office!


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Barack Obama seeks filter-free news

At a time when his Washington honeymoon is turning into a hazing, President Barack Obama and his team are launched on a strategy to sail above the traditional White House press corps by reaching out to liberal commentators, local reporters and ethnic media.

The highest-profile moments in the new approach have been well-noted, such as the president giving an interview to progressive radio host Ed Schultz and Obama calling on a reporter from the liberal-leaning Huffington Post at his first news conference.

But those moves are only part of a much larger strategy aimed at communicating directly with audiences the White House believes are more sympathetic to the president’s agenda Read More

I don’t see where this is anything new as he has been seeking out the liberal left media all thu his campaign and has gave conservative news very little time!


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Palin is odds-on favorite to win 2012 GOP nomination


Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is the front-runner to win the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, according to online oddsmakers.

Despite a slew of negative press this fall about Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) running mate, online gaming site puts Palin’s odds at 3.5-1, the best among Republican hopefuls. Read More

Go Sarah Go!