“I’ll do everything I can to give him the boot,” said Mayor Oscar Goodman

Goodman is still smarting from comments Obama made suggesting that people saving money for college shouldn’t blow in it Las Vegas.

The comments sparked a firestorm of criticism as the city struggles to find its footing amid a two-year meltdown of foreclosures, bankruptcies and unemployment.

Goodman has said that Obama is no friend to Vegas and would not be welcomed there if he visits.

“I’ll do everything I can to give him the boot,” Goodman said. “This president is a real slow learner.”

Goodman told KTNV that he was a bit surprised to receive an invitation after his widely reported reaction to Obama’s comments. But the invitation hasn’t softened his anger.

“We are hurting, we have people in foreclosures, we have people having a hard time feeding their families and we can’t stand to have a flippant statement made,” Goodman told the news channel. SOURCE

The anti-business Obama has did it again! I sure hope he keeps campaigning for Larry Reid as it will help both of them right out of Washington D.C.