Obama’s Hope Fades for Compromise on Health Bill

What are we to do now Nancy and Barack ? Who can we blame?

What are we to do now Nancy and Barack ? Who can we blame?

A leading GOP negotiator on healthcare struck a further blow to fading chances of a bipartisan compromise by saying Democratic proposals would restrict medical choices and make the country’s “finances sicker without saving you money.”

“I heard a lot of frustration and anger as I traveled across my home state this last few weeks,” said Enzi, who has been targeted by critics for seeking to negotiate on legislation. “People in Wyoming and across the country are anxious about what Washington has in mind. This is big. This is personal. This is one of the most important debates of our lifetime.”

Democrats also are calling for cuts in Medicare spending, using some of the savings to help uninsured workers. A House bill would result in a net reduction in Medicare of about $200 billion, though Obama has insisted the reductions would not cut benefits in the health program for the elderly.

Enzi said: “This will result in cutting hundreds of billions of dollars from the elderly to create new government programs.” Read More

If the democrats push this healthcare on The American people we should make sure they pay for their actions by voting each and everyone of them out of office! The democrats do not seem to be listening to what the American people are saying and therefore not doing the will of the people!


(1) You Won’t Get TedCare Under ObamaCare

Obama "We will have no one to blame"

Obama "We will have no one to blame"

Maine Store’s Alleged Obama Assassination Pool Sparks National Outcry

The owner of a Maine store has sparked intense local and national outcry over a sign that invited customers to bet on a date when President-elect Barack Obama would be assassinated, but authorities say no charges are planned.

After the post-election incident in Standish, Maine, town officials were bombarded with angry e-mails from around the country. And on Friday, hundreds gathered at a “Rally Against Hate” in Rally Against Hate to denounce the racially charged sign and to appeal for unity, the Portland Press Herald reported.

Cumberland County Sheriff Mark Dion said Friday that Steve Collins, owner of Oak Hill General Store, denied any knowledge of the “Osama Obama Shotgun Pool” sign. The sheriff added that the sign was nowhere to be found when a deputy visited the store to investigate a report of it on Nov. 7.

Dion also said posting the sign would not necessarily constitute a threat or a terrorizing incident.
SOURCE: Fox News