Unemployment Map For Conservatives and Liberals

This post is for Liberals, conservatives, Democrats and Republicans! If you agree with Obama and the Democrats that the stimulus money saved or created jobs OR if you disagree with Obama then you need to see this! Starting in 2007 until now! Afterwards please comment if you still agree with Obama or disagree.  Click on link below and you will find the Employment map from the Bureau of Labor and or a link to watch it on you tube which ever you perfer.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Or watch it here on YOU TUBE


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Most Voters Believe Obama Care Will Mean Higher Cost!

17% of the American people believe passage of the health care legislation will achieve the stated goal of reducing health care costs. Fifty-seven percent (57%) think it will lead to higher costs. SOURCE

Is the Democrat control Congress listening to the people? I can answer that very easy, NO! Do the Democrats care what the American people want, another easy answer, NO! So what are we the people going to do about it come election day? This voter will cast his vote to send them packing toward home with their tail between their legs! What will you do, be  timid and roll over, play dead and take what ever they give you? Most likely, if not tell me I’m wrong!


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Ousted ACORN leaders in New Orleans announce new organization (Still Named ACORN)


Several Louisiana ACORN leaders, including the recently ousted state leader, are expected to announce today that they have started a new organization under the same name after national authorities of the community action network voted to take over the chapter.

The document states that Butler will be joined by several Louisiana ACORN officers, board members and the head organizers for the state chapter and the New Orleans regional chapter, all of whom apparently are leaving their posts within the existing structure.

Vanessa Gueringer, among those who criticized the White House, continued her excoriation of ACORN’s national leadership on Friday. “We don’t recognize the illegitimate interloper placed in the New Orleans office by national ACORN, ” she said. “We view this action as an aggressive move to steal our resources because the national organization is going broke.” Read More

Some stains are hard to scrub off, so it seem to be the same for getting rid of the corrupted group call ACORN! Now I ask if Obama has anything to do with this starting of a new ACORN group, remember he just went to Louisiana a few weeks ago.


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