Caterpillar slashes jobs despite stimulus

Caterpillar Inc. of Illinois on Tuesday announced nearly 2,400 layoffs despite President Obama using his home state’s company as an example of a struggling manufacturer that would benefit from his economic stimulus plan and save jobs.

The new round of job cuts will span five plants in Illinois, Indiana and Georgia, and follows the January news that Caterpillar would slash 22,000 people from its 112,000-person workforce.

Mr. Obama hosted an event in support of his stimulus plan at the company’s Peoria, Ill., headquarters in mid-February, saying the $787 billion stimulus would be “a major step forward on our path to economic recovery.”
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Obama spending billions of tax payers money and the economy is getting worst. He can not seem to understand that we can not spend our self out of this crisis!


(1) “People feel uncommonly saddened, miffed and burned.”

States Thinking About Selling Off Roads, Parks

Like families pawning the silver to get through a tight spot, states such as Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts and Illinois are thinking of selling or leasing toll roads, parks, lotteries and other assets to raise desperately needed cash.

Massachusetts lawmakers are considering putting the Massachusetts Turnpike in private hands. That could bring in upfront money to help with a $1.4 billion deficit, while also saving on highway operating costs.

In New York, Democratic Gov. David Paterson appointed a commission to look into leasing state assets, including the Tappan Zee Bridge north of New York City, the lottery, golf courses, toll roads, parks and beaches. Recommendations are expected next month. READ MORE

My question is, what will happen to Obama’s one trillion dollars to build Infrastructure to make more jobs if the states sells or lease them? Does the government know what it wants to do or not! Something about this stinks!

(Video) Was Obama a New Party Member (Socialist Party)? You Decide

Though Illinois was not one of the states that permitted electoral fusion, in 1995 Barack Obama nonetheless sought the New Party’s endorsement for his 1996 state senate run. He was successful in obtaining that endorsement, and he used a number of New Party volunteers as campaign workers. By 1996, Obama had become a member of the New Party.
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Here is a post from americanthinker.

Archives prove Obama was a New Party member

Barack Obama entered electoral politics as a member of a radical marxist group aimed at gaining control of the Democratic Party in order to implement a hardline version of socialism in America. He signed a contract promising to maintain a visible relationship.

SOURCE: American Thinker

Here is a post with screen shots of phone number which may  connect Obama to the socialist party (The New Party)!

This is curious and bizarre. A reader, Jane, conducted some Google searches related to the Obamas’ Chicago home on Greenwood Avenue, and discovered the following, which I verified with my own searches, and documented with screenshots at approximately 2:30 PM ET on 12/17/08:

Google: Obama’s Residence Linked to PSL Phone Number [Update]

Here is the New Party Page on Google:
The New Party

(1) Newspaper shows Obama belonged to socialist party–

(2) Docs confirm Obama’s Membership in Socialist Party

(3) OBAMA referenced in 20 issues of Democratic Socialists newsletter
(4) Obama Was Member Of The New Socialist Party

I want to repeat that I am reading this information just like you are and have not decided yet what to think about it. There sure is quite alot of information on the subject! You decide for self what you think about this! Was Obama a member of the Socialist Party or The New Party?