Immigration Skirmish Brews In South Carolina

Arizona you’re not alone, there are many standing beside you and this is forcing Obama to start securing the border which most of us know that he will do as little as possible to not upset the Mexican vote that he needs.

In a quiet Southern bedroom community of gardens and parks across the country from Arizona, another skirmish in the battle over illegal immigration is brewing.

Summerville Councilman Walter Bailey, worried there is a void in immigration laws, has proposed an ordinance that goes farther than state law, which was sharpened two years ago to allow police to identify illegal immigrants for deportation.

The proposal would prevent illegal immigrants from living in the town of 45,000, which calls itself “Flower Town in the Pines,” and in most cases prevent them from working here.

Bailey, a former state prosecutor, says it was prompted in part by the Obama administration’s challenge of the new Arizona law that was to have taken effect this week.

“It was outrageous that when, by default, the state of Arizona has to go in there and do the job the federal government ought to be doing — instead of showing appreciation and support in Arizona, the federal government sues,” Bailey said. SOURCE

How To Clean Up Immigration For DUMMIES

I just finish reading this article BY RAYMOND DIX and he makes some very interesting points of why we need to secure the border between The United States and Mexico and cleaning up the immigration mess. Raymond said that he wasn’t sure just how to clean the mess up, well Raymond I have the answer on how to clean up the illegal immigration. All illegal immigrants in The United States has already committed a crime. I understand that we don’t have the resources to round all 12 million and perhaps as many as 20 million illegal immigrants so why not allow the police to check ID’s and when they find an illegal arrest him/her then the court should sentence the immigrant to 365 days in jail suspended with two years probation with orders to be out of the Country within 30 days and if they want to come back to get in line and come back legal. Once we start arresting these illegals many of them would decide it’s time to go back home and once the word get out they would think hard and long before taking the change to come to The United States illegal.
Some people will say that we should not arrest them, my answer to them is that the illegal immigrants has already committed a crime so why wait for them to kill someone as a drunk driving, or breaking some other law? So work harder at securing the border and arrest illegal immigrants as we find them would clean up immigration. Anyone have a better idea?

Country needs to clean up immigration mess now

Americans who share a common border with the country that produces the most illegal immigrants, which is Mexico. Hence, we have a problem and national attention to this issue. Finally, the good folks of Arizona became fed up with the once again indisputable fact that our federal government for several administrations now, including the present, has done little to stem the tide of human traffic flowing into border states like Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California.

Unlike the rest of us, these citizens of our country must absorb enormous financial obligations and burdens for these persons who reside here illegally. In a time of uncertain economic prospects, these states pay for medical, educational, communal (police and fire) and legal expenses for people who often contribute only sales tax revenue — and no income tax — to state treasuries.

The question is what we do to clean up this situation.
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Obama’s ‘Silent Raids’ Lead to Firings of Illegals, Not Deportations

So Obama is having ‘Silent Raids’ which leads to the illegal immigrants being fired and the companies paying the government a big fine. One way to make money but what will these fired illegal immigrants do to eat and live? Looks to me like the illegal immigrants without jobs will have to steal, rob and sell drugs for food and that will put more American citizens in danger. What does this President have for a brain, not much I would say!
I see what he’s trying to do and its lie to the Mexican U.S. citizens on one hand to get their vote while at the same time pretending to be doing something to stop illegal immigrants before the November elections by getting them fired from their jobs.

Obama Please Secure The Border!

The Obama administration’s new approach to dealing with companies that hire illegal immigrants results in firings, not deportations.
In these audits, federal agents examine company records to find illegal workers on the payroll, forcing “businesses to fire every suspected illegal immigrant… not just those who happened to be on duty at the time of a raid,” the Times said.
This year alone, Immigration and Customs Enforcement have facilitated the firing of thousands of immigrants and “levied a record $3 million in civil fines,” the Times reported. READ MORE AT SOURCE