UPDATE JULY 07 With Video – The White House Admits Americans Will Be Forced Out of Their Current Health Care Plans

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has already made clear that millions of Americans would be forced to give up the health coverage they currently have under the Democrats’ plan. Today, the White House CONFIRMED this is true.
“White House officials suggest the president’s rhetoric shouldn’t be taken literally …”
President Obama and congressional Democrats have made repeated promises that the American people “can keep their current health care coverage if they like it.” But an Associated Press story this morning reports that White House officials admitted that isn’t true:
Dallas Salisbury, head of the Employee Benefit Research Institute, called Obama’s promise “an aspirational statement” in the same story. Middle-class families have every right to be concerned about losing their health care, and the facts show that the Democrats’ government takeover of health care will force millions out of their current health plan.
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Native Americans Against Obama: “The Hype”A powerful, beautiful video, demanding President Obama make good on his campaign promises to Native Americans, expressing concerns about ObamaCare, and asking Americans to evaluate the frenzied hype that got him elected: Click Source to Read and watch video

So as we suppected, Obama has lied to the American people yet again! When will we voters stand up and be counted and take back our country from Obama and his gang at the White House? When will people start speaking out against Obama’s policies?


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