The American People Strike Back Hard

Read if you really want to understand the reason Republicans took over 60 seats from the Democrats in the House! Read if you want to see what Obama’s trying to do with our Country and you will not like what he’s doing!

The President’s anti-Constitutional rampage, which was sanctioned by both Houses of Congress, is the simple and telling reason for the election results of 2010.

Both the President and the Democrats declared what amounted to anti-constitutional moratoriums against a number of US companies trying to perform the very thing that keeps them in business, we have had attack after attack by Democrat directed Government forces across a wide range of industries from Banking to Insurance to energy companies and numerous others scattered in between even states, for Heaven’s sake, to the point that we now have nearly half of all states suing the Federal Government. We have even had a wide range of attacks against industry professionals themselves.

These attacks range from doctors and medical professionals to news and talk show anchormen, bankers and stockbrokers.


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First time in 112 years, the Republicans have taken control of the North Carolina General Assembly

For the first time in 112 years, the Republicans have taken control of the North Carolina General Assembly.
One issue Republicans will control is redrawing election maps for state House and Senate and congressional districts.

The process occurs every 10 years. North Carolina is special because state law doesn’t grant Democratic Gov. Bev. Perdue veto power over the maps. SOURCE

Pledged to close a potential budget gap of more than $3 billion without raising tax rates.

North Carolina State GOP candidates who won a majority in the General Assembly on Nov. 2 have pledged to close a potential budget gap of more than $3 billion without raising tax rates. They also promised to act fairly on redistricting. SOURCE

Maybe now we will see a change for the better in North Carolina and lower taxes so we can draw in more companies which will create jobs.

Obamacare: Health Care Premiums Are Already Soaring

This past month millions of Americans got notice from Blue Cross/Blue Shield providers across the country that their insurance premiums were going way up effective immediately. Here is the terse reason CareFirst/ Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Washington gave its subscribers for raising a monthly premium from $333 to $512 on a middle aged man who is healthy, is not a smoker and is not obese: “Your new rate reflects the overall rise in health care costs and we regret having to pass these additional costs on to you.” SOURCE

How about it Obama supporters, do you like paying more for your health insurance? Blacks and whites will be paying higher premiums so voting for him just because he was black will cost you! This President could care less about people except for their votes of support for his agenda which is doing more harm to America than good. We have to make a change in congress come November and take the control powers away from the Democrats.