U.S. economy will slip back into recession

The economy’s not looking good from where I sit. Obama’s spend and spend some more policy has not worked it’s only put our Country in deep debt. This American will keep saving the little money I have until Obama stops his spending spree!

In Washington, on Wall Street, and in anxious boardrooms and kitchens across the country, concerns are rising about the possibility that the U.S. economy could slip back into recession—a so-called double dip. The economy lost 110,000 jobs in June; the unemployment rate still tops 10 percent. Four years after it peaked, the housing market has yet to stabilize fully. Perhaps most distressing, the vital forces of monetary and fiscal policy that the government marshaled to stave off the Great Recession last year seem to have flagged. SOURCE

It’s a fact you can not spend yourself out of debt, cutting your Budget is the only way. Taxing more is also stupid during a recession. We have to balance congress in November or this great Country of ours is in deeper trouble than she has ever been. I just hope that the American people black and white comes together knowing that we have to take back control of the government by we the people.