Members of the presidential commission investigating the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

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Members of the presidential commission investigating the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Co-chairman: Former Democratic Sen. and Gov. Bob Graham of Florida. He often has pushed for a drilling ban off the Florida coast.
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Then we have the Minerals Management Service (MMS), the government agency that conducts inspections not doing their jobs! Isn’t this agency under the Barack Obama administration control and if that is the case then the U.S. Government is just as guilty as BP for this well explosion and the damage to our shores!

BP Rig Missed 16 Inspections Before Explosion

The last government inspection of the rig was on April 1 by Eric Neal, a government inspector who had only recently started his drilling inspection training, yet he was sent to the rig by himself to do the inspection.

Neal was asked about his experience by Jason Mathews, one of the accident investigators from the Deepwater Horizon Joint Investigation, May 11:

(Question): Have you done any drilling inspections?

(Neal): Only in training.

(Q): And for how long have you been in training?

(Neal): Four months.

“Seems a bit of a risk to allow novice inspectors to be responsible for a deepwater rig,” said Gene Beck, associate professor of petroleum engineering at Texas A&M University.

In response to questions about the inspections, an Interior Department spokesperson sent a statement referring to the many ongoing inquiries into the rig’s explosion.

Marcus Mouton inspected Deepwater Horizon June 9, 2009. Mouton told federal investigators he participated in skeet-shooting fundraisers where “various offshore companies sponsored a five person team.
“He said he had thought participating in the events was acceptable because many MMS employees including senior managers attended and participated in them. He explained he did not think offshore companies received any favors in exchange for inviting MMS inspectors to these events.”Read more at Source