Obama’s Clean-Air Rule cost we the consumers nearly $3 billion a year

The Obama administration is proposing a new rule to tighten restrictions on pollution from coal-burning power plants in the eastern half of the country, a key step to cut emissions that cause smog.

The Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday the new rule represented its most consequential effort yet to tackle deadly pollution that contributes to smog and soot that hangs over more than half the country. The rule would cost nearly $3 billion a year and those costs are likely to be passed along to consumers….Keep reading at the SOURCE

Tell me people, will paying 3 billion dollars for Obama’s Clean -Air Rule feel like a tax increase to you?  Will you be left with less money  for your family?  The worst part is the poor and senior citizens will also be paying this price as consumers. This is what has always been called the “democrats back door taxes”. We better vote the democrats out of Washington D.C. in November to have a chance of stopping Obama’s spending spree!  America don’t have the money to keep spending the Obama way!


(1)  Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) Rips Obama Re Oil Spill  by Opus 

UPDATED July 08: Obama filling Medicare post, bypassing Congress

UPDATE July 08,

Obama Draws Bipartisan Fire

The White House found itself on the defensive Wednesday over President Obama’s recess appointment of a key official to help implement his health care overhaul plan, facing a bipartisan torrent of criticism from lawmakers who said the move short-circuits the legislative-oversight process.

In tapping Harvard Medical School professor Donald Berwick to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services while lawmakers are briefly out of town
Democratic chairman of the panel with jurisdiction over CMS expressed dismay with the decision.
“I’m troubled that, rather than going through the standard nomination process, Dr. Berwick was recess-appointed,” said Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, Montana Democrat. The Senate confirmation process, he added, is a check on executive power and “ensures that crucial questions are asked of the nominee – and answered.” SOURCE

Check this link if you really want to see why Obama bypassed congress:

Obama’s Unconfirmed ‘Recess’ Appointee to Run Medicare Advocated Rationing, Redistribution of Wealth

Obama bypassing Congress

President Barack Obama intends to use the congressional recess to bypass the Senate and appoint Dr. Donald Berwick, an expert on patient care who’s drawn fire from the GOP, to oversee Medicare and Medicaid, the White House announced late Tuesday.

The appointment was to be made Wednesday, with lawmakers out of town for their annual July Fourth break, White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer said in a post on the White House blog. SOURCE

Obama bypassing congress again and we the people will remember all these things he’s done to push his agenda. November will be the time for pay back! Note that this was put out in the news tonight after congress had recessed!


(1)  Dr. Donald Berwick, an advocate of health-care rationing nominated by President Barack Obama to run Medicare and Medicaid 

Obama starts his rationing of our health care which will cut benefits to Americans on medicare. How can people vote for democrats that do such a thing to our parents and grand parents?

(2) Obama to Bypass Senate with recess appointment

A Liberal view on Obama bypassing congress to appoint a  socialist that will start rationing health care to senior citizen!

(3)  Illegal Immigration costs $113 Billion of your tax dollars each year

The single largest cost to the government of illegal immigration, according to the report, is an estimated $52 billion spent on schooling the children of illegals.

(4)  On Puerto Rico and Dr. Donald Berwick. No, not together…

(5)  The Socialists Just Keep Coming To The Obama Administration

Berwick is also a partisan of state run health care, an advocate of government re-distribution of wealth and an ardent socialist, unless he was lying through his teeth when this clip was filmed.

(6)  Obama’s radical SEIU appointee in hot water 

Labor radical Craig Becker’s conflict-of-interest troubles:

North Carolina, Columbus County schools lose 25 positions

Stimulus fund saved jobs and now those teacher jobs are being cut! So now with no more stimulus money the Columbus County Schools will be in worst shape this coming school year! When will Obama understand that he can not spend the Country out of this crisis? Big spending will only make the crisis worst.

Last week, 25 teachers in the Columbus County schools were given notice by the Columbus County Board of Education that their positions had been cut as part of a reduction-in-force by the county schools.
Had it not been for retirements and resignations during the spring, that number would have reached 35.“We are to take a list of the people we have laid off,” he said. “We are looking to lose 12 more positions if the governor’s budget passes,” he said.

Strickland said that all year, his staff had looked at the current year’s budget minus the stimulus funds to see what would need to be done next year.

There could also be additional layoffs to central office personnel and assistant principals. SOURCE