Members of the presidential commission investigating the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Are you ready Americans to pay higher prices for gas at the pumps? If Obama and the democrats get their way the pump price will skyrocket. We can stop this nonsense in November by kicking the supporters of Obama and his agenda out of Washington. We have to take our Country back before it’s to late.

Members of the presidential commission investigating the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Co-chairman: Former Democratic Sen. and Gov. Bob Graham of Florida. He often has pushed for a drilling ban off the Florida coast.
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Then we have the Minerals Management Service (MMS), the government agency that conducts inspections not doing their jobs! Isn’t this agency under the Barack Obama administration control and if that is the case then the U.S. Government is just as guilty as BP for this well explosion and the damage to our shores!

BP Rig Missed 16 Inspections Before Explosion

The last government inspection of the rig was on April 1 by Eric Neal, a government inspector who had only recently started his drilling inspection training, yet he was sent to the rig by himself to do the inspection.

Neal was asked about his experience by Jason Mathews, one of the accident investigators from the Deepwater Horizon Joint Investigation, May 11:

(Question): Have you done any drilling inspections?

(Neal): Only in training.

(Q): And for how long have you been in training?

(Neal): Four months.

“Seems a bit of a risk to allow novice inspectors to be responsible for a deepwater rig,” said Gene Beck, associate professor of petroleum engineering at Texas A&M University.

In response to questions about the inspections, an Interior Department spokesperson sent a statement referring to the many ongoing inquiries into the rig’s explosion.

Marcus Mouton inspected Deepwater Horizon June 9, 2009. Mouton told federal investigators he participated in skeet-shooting fundraisers where “various offshore companies sponsored a five person team.
“He said he had thought participating in the events was acceptable because many MMS employees including senior managers attended and participated in them. He explained he did not think offshore companies received any favors in exchange for inviting MMS inspectors to these events.”Read more at Source


UPDATE June 15: Barack Obama a Day Late and a Dollar Short

For a man to say that he was ready on day one to be the leader of our great Country, he wasn’t! He is now 56 days late in his responds to the Oil-Damaged Gulf Coast.  All Obama could do is blame everyone else for the spill instead of sending equipment and people to help keep the oil from reaching the shores and marshes. In the first week he could have sent the skimmers and military to start picking the oil up miles from shore.  The Navy has many skimmers and ships for the purpose of cleaning up oil spills. Obama has no experience what-so-ever to be the leader of a Country or he would have at the least attempted to stop the oil from reaching the beaches and marshes of the Gulf Coast States! Instead of acting to clean up the spill he was more interested in using the spill to pass his cap and tax bill.  He’s worried more about his agenda then the small businesses and our white sand beaches.   To top it off Obama shuting down deep water oil wells in the Gulf will make gas prices skyrocket to over $5.00 a gallon at a time that the economy so bad.  He has to be the worst president of The United States out doing Jimmy Carter!   We have to vote Obama and his democrats out of office before they totally break our Country.

Obama declared, “I am confident that we’re going to be able to leave the Gulf Coast in better shape than it was before.”

That pledge was reminiscent of George W. Bush’s promise to rebuild the region “even better and stronger” than before Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Bush could not make good on that promise, and Obama did not spell out how he would fulfill his.

With Obama hoping to convince a frightened Gulf Coast and a skeptical nation that he is in command, he is marshaling the tools at a president’s disposal: a two-day visit via Air Force One, helicopter and boat in the region, a prime-time speech Tuesday night from the symbolically important stage of the Oval Office and a face-to-face White House showdown Wednesday with the executives of the oil company that leased the rig that exploded April 20 and led to the leak of millions of gallons of coast-devastating crude. SOURCE


Obama still blaming others and not taking any responsibility for allowing the oil to get onto the shore and marshes! Obama listen up its been 60 days and you didn’t do enough to try to stop the oil before it reached the shore line.  Within the first week you could have called in the military and their equipment to stop the oil in the water before it reach shore, 60 days later you are now sending the military but the marshes are already dead for shell-fish and more.  Shame on you Obama! 

Obama Accuses BP of Recklessness

Eight weeks into the crisis, oil continues to gush from the broken wellhead, millions of gallons a day, and Obama has been powerless to stem the leak. The sad episode has raised doubts about his leadership and his administration’s response to what Obama has called the nation’s worst environmental disaster.

A new Associated Press-GfK poll  shows for the first time a majority of Americans disapproving of his handling of the situation. SOURCE


(1)  Pining for his own 9/11   By Michelle Malkin

‘The great British love-in with Barack Obama may be coming to an end.’

Obama’s blame game has hurt him in  foreign affairs, Obama talks tough then when talking on phone face to face with Mr Cameron Obama acts and talks like a little kitten!

President Obama has been accused of ‘trashing’ BP in a bid to curry favour ahead of midterm elections in the autumn.

Richard Ottoway, Tory chairman of the Commons foreign affairs committee, said Washington had no right to interfere with BP’s decision on whether or not to pay a dividend.

And former Labour trade minister and CBI chief Lord [Digby] Jones, said British people would like to see Mr Cameron be ‘more forceful’.

Lord Jones said: ‘You know, it was an American company that built this rig, it was an American company that operated it, it’s an American regulator that told these people not to go shallow but go out deep where the technology is at the borders of what we can do. It’s the American population that take the black stuff and puts it into their gas guzzlers.’

President Obama has also faced a backlash over his savage criticism of BP, with accusations that by passing the buck for the environmentally disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to the company, he is damaging the U.S. economy. READ MORE AT THE SOURCE


(1)  Mr Obama – Ever The Professional!