President Obama is using a Social Security number set aside for applicants in Connecticut – Why?

Two private investigators working independently are asking why President Obama is using a Social Security number set aside for applicants in Connecticut while there is no record he ever had a mailing address in the state.

In addition, the records indicate the number was issued between 1977 and 1979, yet Obama’s earliest employment reportedly was in 1975 at a Baskin-Robbins ice-cream shop in Oahu, Hawaii. READ MORE AT THE SOURCE

Does anyone and I say anyone have a good answer of why Obama is using a Connecticut Social Security number?


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Congressman Blasts White House for Posting a Number of Jobs Created that Don’t Exist! is under fire for posting a number of jobs created in congressional districts that don’t exist and for accepting unrealistic data from several reporting outlets. For instance, the Web site reported that 30 jobs were saved or created with $761,420 of federal stimulus spending in Arizona’s 15th Congressional District. One problem with the claim the state has only eight districts The site also lists 12 other non-existent districts in Arizona where jobs were reportedly saved or created. It also lists imaginary districts in at least three other states, including Oklahoma, Iowa, and Connecticut. One recipient of stimulus funds, Talladega County of Alabama, claimed that it had saved or created 5,000 jobs from only $42,000 in government money which would amount to $8.40 in annual income per job if each position received an equal amount of funding.

In a statement, Rep. David Obey of Wisconsin, chairman of the House committee, called the inaccuracies “outrageous” and said the administration owes the American public “a commitment to work night and day to correct the ludicrous mistakes.”   Read more about this outrageous lying at the SOURCE

How can the American people trust the Obama administration when they have lied so many times. Obama and his administration is the most deceitful of any administration in the past…even out ranking President Nixon in being Sneaky! We citizens should be a shame of our selves for electing such a deceitful man to be the leader of this great Nation! It is outrageous how he lied to get the $787 billion stimulus bill passed and now lying about the effects. The Obama administration can’t tell the American people where all that money went and now wanting another trillion to spend on government ran healthcare! Do you get the picture America?

2,000 Guns Confiscated Under Seizure Law

Police in Connecticut say they’ve now seized more than 2,000 firearms under a 1999 law that allows authorities to confiscate guns from people they suspect might harm themselves or others. Read More


Gun-Rights Groups Join Obama Protests

Gun-rights advocates are displaying their firearms near the president again, this time with a military-style rifle slung over one man’s shoulder in downtown Phoenix. Click to Keep Reading

Americans better stand together or all our rights will be taken away. I don’t see any different in people having guns outside a town hall meeting, then it was for the Black Panthers having night sticks outside an election poll site. Obama had the charges drop on the Black Panthers and a conservative healthcare protester was gang attack at a town hall meeting so maybe protesters need protection. Are we sure that these people caring guns aren’t Obama plants among the protesters?


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