Obama’s Clean-Air Rule cost we the consumers nearly $3 billion a year

The Obama administration is proposing a new rule to tighten restrictions on pollution from coal-burning power plants in the eastern half of the country, a key step to cut emissions that cause smog.

The Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday the new rule represented its most consequential effort yet to tackle deadly pollution that contributes to smog and soot that hangs over more than half the country. The rule would cost nearly $3 billion a year and those costs are likely to be passed along to consumers….Keep reading at the SOURCE

Tell me people, will paying 3 billion dollars for Obama’s Clean -Air Rule feel like a tax increase to you?  Will you be left with less money  for your family?  The worst part is the poor and senior citizens will also be paying this price as consumers. This is what has always been called the “democrats back door taxes”. We better vote the democrats out of Washington D.C. in November to have a chance of stopping Obama’s spending spree!  America don’t have the money to keep spending the Obama way!


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