Cash for Clunkers Hangover & a Failure


While sales at most automakers rose in August, particularly among Asian manufacturers, Chrysler sales fell 15 percent and General Motors sales fell 20 percent, suffering from a comparison to strong sales in August 2008.
Toyota’s August sales rose 6.4 percent as it dominated the clunkers program. Honda’s sales rose 10 percent, its biggest increase since May 2008. Sales at Subaru, the only automaker with a year-to-date sales increase, jumped 52 percent. Hyundai sales surged 47 percent to a record.

Foreign automakers fared best in the clunkers program. Read More

Obama and the Democrats bragged that the clunkers program was a great success when in fact it helped Foreign automakers the most at a expense to we the taxpayers of $2.88 billion. Another Obama idea that did not work. In other words it was a failure.  Maybe someone should tell the Democrats that Failure refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success. Is this the way Obama’s health care would work?  If so who would want it?


Do you think the government’s Cash for Clunkers was a good idea? See for yourself what people are saying!


This is a great Article that will give you some insight on how the American people feel about the Obama’s Cash for Clunkers program! Read more




(1) “Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.”

Clunker program more important to strengthen the auto industry?

I read this in my local paper The Whiteville News Reporter!

The program has come under fire from environmentals who claim allowing individuals to trade large sport utility vehicles for new models that get as little as two more miles per gallon defeats the purpose of the program.

Federal officials have admitted in published reports that while they thought to sell more environmentally friendly vehicles, strengthening the auto industry is the most important effect of the clunker program.

The problem is Obama didn’t say that the program was to help the auto industry now did he! Is this the reason he will not release the data on what cars are selling and whats not selling? This is a scam ran by our own government. Haven’t we gave enough to the auto industries? We been lied to again!