Obama Wants To Rule Over Israel’s Prime Minister

Barack Obama is to deliver a blunt warning to Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, that the era of the blank US cheque is over.
Obama will make clear that he will not allow his foreign policy objectives to be dictated by the Jewish state’s interests Read More

Obama has another thing coming if he thinks that Israel will let him dictate to it! I’m sure that Israel’s prime minister will do whats in Israel best interests not Obama’s best interests! Is Obama trying to upset our best ally in the Middle East?

Benjamin Netanyahu sending a message to President Barack Obama that he won’t be pushed around

Even before Benjamin Netanyahu finds out whether he will be Israel’s next prime minister, he is sending a message to President Barack Obama that he won’t be pushed around.

Just as he confounded former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, Netanyahu probably will resist if Obama pushes too hard to extract Israeli concessions for peace in the Middle East.

“He’s extremely effective politically, unbelievably smart and relentlessly suspicious when it comes to the Arabs and the Americans,” says former U.S. negotiator Aaron David Miller, author of “The Much Too Promised Land: America’s Elusive Search for Arab-Israeli Peace.”

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I don’t think Israel is to hip on Obama the way he says one thing and does another..in other words Obama is not trusted and we can understand why.


(1) Netanyahu ‘will coax Obama into Iran war’The Israeli prime ministerial frontrunner will win a US blessing to enter war with Iran, says a source familiar with US Mideast policies.