Al Qaeda-Linked American Terrorist Condemns, Mocks Obama


An American who left the United States to join an Al Qaeda-linked group in Somalia is strongly condemning President Obama’s efforts to seek “a new beginning” with the Muslim world, mocking Obama’s “magic of charisma” and warning of more attacks against U.S. interests.
The 20-minute audiotape, called “The Beginning of the End,” was posted Thursday on several jihadist web sites as a direct response to Obama’s much-publicized speech in Cairo on June 4, when he promised “a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world.” Read More

Obama is weak and Al Qaeda, Iran and the NK knows it! This American sees Jimmy Carter when he looks at Obama!

UPDATE: April 11 – Five US soldiers killed in Iraq suicide bombing (On Obama’s Watch)

Two local policemen were also killed when the bomber drove a truck packed with explosives into a barrier outside the entrance of Mosul’s police headquarters and detonated his deadly load.

Dozens more bystanders, including at least 17 policemen and an American soldier, were injured in the attack, according to a statement issued by the US military. Read More

Obama has made this his war by setting a timeline! How does it feel Barack?

UPDATE: April 11

U.S. Commander in Iraq Says U.S. May Have to Ignore Exit Deadline to Stop Al Qaeda
U.S. troop numbers in Mosul and Baqubah, in the north of the country, could rise rather than fall if necessary, General Ray Odierno told The Times in his first interview with a British newspaper since taking over from General David Petraeus in September.

He said that a joint assessment would be conducted with the Iraqi authorities in the coming weeks before a decision is made.

Combat troops are due to leave all Iraqi cities by the end of June. Any delay would be a potential setback for President Obama, who has pledged to withdraw all combat forces from Iraq by August 2010 as he switches his focus to Afghanistan.

The ultimate decision on keeping or withdrawing troops would be taken by Nouri al-Maliki
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Al-Qaida Behind Taliban White House Threat – General David Petraeus

“He seems to have convinced al Qaeda he’s a useful man … When he speaks of a threat to Washington, he means al Qaeda. By himself, he doesn’t have the capacity to carry out an operation so far away. He’s talking for al Qaeda,” he said.

General David Petraeus, head of U.S. Central Command, said in Washington on Wednesday officials were studying whether Mehsud’s warning posed a credible threat to the United States.

“Everyone is quite riveted on analyzing that and seeing what further we can find out,” Petraeus said in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee.
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President Bush kept America safe after the 9/11 attack, do you feel safer under Obama?


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