Video: Obama to send ‘up to 45,000 more troops to Afghanistan’


President Barack Obama’s administration is understood to have told the British government that it could announce, as early as next week, the substantial increase to its 65,000 troops already serving there.

The decision from Mr Obama comes after he considered a request from General Stanley McChrystal, the US commander in Afghanistan, to send tens of thousands of extra American troops to the country.

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Obama tried to keep his decision secret

Now Back To May 12th, 2009

Brits beware: Obama means business in Afghanistan

Mr Obama’s decision to dismiss Gen McKiernan is a bold move, and suggests that the new American president is determined to make a success of the military campaign in Afghanistan.

If Iraq was President George W. Bush’s war, Afghanistan is Obama’s war, and the U.S. president is clearly determined that this military campaign does not suffer the same setbacks as American forces experienced in Iraq.

By the time next year’s mid-term elections are held Mr Obama wants to be in a position to demonstrate that tangible progress is being made. Read More

Support grows among the Democrats for troop withdrawal

I can see it now or will I….The anti-war protesters will be out in full force marching against Obama or will the anti-war liberals now support the war? Remember the Afghanistan war is now Obama’s war and not President Bush’s war! Obama has turned the War into a political Afghanistan War like the Vietnam War was!  Wait a minute didn’t Obama just win a peace prize? 


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