UPDATED: “Beat Whitey Night” in Iowa

Obama this is a racist attack against whites by blacks so why haven’t you jumped into the middle of this racist attack? Oh that’s right you only get into the middle if it’s a racist attack against blacks or muslims and or illegals right?


Did beat “whitey night” occur in Iowa?

Here are the facts: Des Moines police are trying to determine what lead to a series of attacks outside the Iowa State Fairgrounds over the weekend that included the assault on two police officers.

Five people were arrested with more arrests expected. The fights involved mostly young black teens and the fights appear to be racially motivated.

According to witnesses some fairgoers started yelling beat “whitey night” when people were leaving the fairgrounds. Officers on the grounds say about 30 individuals were roaming the fairgrounds looking for white people to beat up. One man, who was attacked, suffered injuries to his eyes, cheekbones and nose.

At first this sounded like one of those urban legends, especially since there has not been more widespread news coverage of this event. If this is true, then it outragous. SOURCE

The Iowa State Fair had its share of problems with “attacks” on fair goers this year. On August 14th, after several attacks, the security was upped at the fair grounds. Over the last weekend trouble again erupted at the fair grounds where a group of 30-40 people, mostly black, were roaming the grounds and saying it was “beat whitey night”.

Beat Whitey Night ended up with 2 police being assaulted while trying to bring the black “youths” under control. To hear one of the officers account of the attack on himself, the audio is here. Two black girls were the attackers on this policeman. One hit him from behind while he was trying to corral the one in front of him. Keep reading at SOURCE

ICE Won’t Arrest Illegal Aliens Caught In Traffic Stops

In its latest surreptitious effort to protect illegal immigrants the Obama Administration plans to prohibit both federal and local law enforcement officers from arresting undocumented aliens discovered as a result of traffic violations.

It marks the third time this month that a covert plan to shield illegal aliens from deportation gets exposed. Read more

Has anyone seen these two articles reported on the Liberal news groups? Has Obama made any comments about this racist crime?


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  1. Oh Lord, please forgive me for being white. Give me the wisdom and perseverance to suffer the punishment for what our white forefathers did to the blacks. Blacks do not believe your grace is sufficient, regardless of our repentance. Please give me the strength to work harder, pay more taxes, and do without so that our black brothers and sisters can have the government welfare they truly deserve. Lord, theirs is the kingdom that we must pay for. Accept us into your kingdom Lord and let them have theirs. Amen

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