U.S. Senator Richard Burr Talks With Business Owners Around North Carolina

From Email:

Senator Burr: The last two weeks traveling around North Carolina have been busy, but very informative. Last week, I traveled throughout eastern and central North Carolina visiting Carteret, Cumberland, Wayne, Guilford, Lenoir, Craven, Wake, and Orange counties, speaking with small business owners, touring health care centers, and I even had the opportunity to visit with our brave men and women in uniform at Cherry Point. This week I made visits to Durham, Catawba, Lincoln, and Gaston counties. Input from entrepreneurs and employees has been vital to my efforts in Washington. These conversations are critical for making democracy work, and what I have taken away from these meetings is that we must pursue fiscally responsible and less burdensome policies to encourage job creation and economic growth in our state and across the country.

According to the CBO, the federal budget deficit – the annual difference between what the federal government collects in tax revenue and what it spends — will be $1,300,000,000,000 (or $1.3 trillion) for this fiscal year alone. For Fiscal Year 2011, the deficit will be nearly $1.1 trillion — $71 billion more than CBO projected in March. Even more disturbing, CBO estimates that the cost of legislation that Congress has enacted since March – in just five short months – will increase federal spending by $400 billion over the next decade.

This North Carolina voter says we need more people in Congress that listening to the people like Senator Burr does. We have to change congress and take the control away from the Democrats if we want our voice heard. Obama’s Summer Recovery didn’t work. Remember this in the November mid-term elections! Thanks Senator Burr for listening to the American people.


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