UPDATED: Follow the Smoke and find a fire (Obama a Muslim)


Evangelist Franklin Graham suggested that President Barack Obama has close ties to Islam, and stated emphatically that the president was “born” Muslim.

Questioned about Obama’s faith and the controversy over a proposed ground zero mosque, the son of America’s most legendary preacher….keep reading

A growing number of Americans say they believe President Barack Obama is a Muslim, a survey indicated. When people take the time to check out Obama’s actions and comments they can see that he acts and talks more like a Muslim than a Christian. 18 percent of Americans said they believe Obama is a Muslim and only Thirty-four percent said Obama is a Christian. almost half of the American people don’t know but then half or more Americans could not tell you who the speaker of the house is! I suggest that those people who don’t know start checking out Obama’s actions and comments over the last two years. Source

President Barack Obama said Friday Muslims have the right to build an Islamic center on private property in lower Manhattan. SOURCE

Obama funds Imam with American tax money while we have no jobs and no money!

Feisal Abdul Rauf The imam leading plans for an Islamic center near Ground Zero 15-day Middle East tour funded by the U.S. State Department. SOURCE

Rudy Giuliani ripped the head of the proposed mosque near Ground Zero on Thursday for “selling sensitivity” but not showing any to still-grieving 9/11 families. There was no immediate response from Rauf, who is off on another taxpayer-funded trip to the Middle East


As I close this article, please if you don’t know where Obama is a Muslim or not follow his tracks back to when he was born in Kenya and on that path check out his comments and actions! This voter has decided that Obama is a Muslim and pretends to be a Christian for political reasons else why does he keep all his records a secret?