Financial industry trend favors Republican candidates

Looks as if Wall Street has awaken and seen that Obama’s policies are not working for the better of our Country!

The preliminary findings by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics suggest that a financial industry trend favoring Republican candidates, which began in late 2009, may have accelerated as reform legislation progressed in the run-up to November’s congressional mid-term elections.

The Washington research group found that individuals and political action committees connected with the finance, insurance and real estate sectors gave 68 percent of their money to Republican interests in June, just before President Barack Obama signed financial reform into law.

Nearly opposite conditions held sway in March 2009, when 70 percent of the industry’s contributions went to Democrats.

Wall Street executives accuse Democrats of embracing costly reforms as an election-year tactic to win favor from voters who are angry at incumbents and blame big banks, securities firms and insurers for economic woes including high unemployment.SOURCE