Gov. Perdue (D) Signs Law: Employee Records Made Public

Today Aug 9, 2010 our local newspaper The News Reporter has an article saying that the Democrat Governor Beverly Perdue signed into law “Government Ethics & Campaign Reform act”. This law makes personnel information public such as promotions, demotion, transfers, suspension, separation and making it a felony for corporations to give more than $10,000 in contributions.

The North Carolina legislature has been accused of making this law behind closed doors! Sounds like the Democrats in Washington style of passing bills does it not!

Isn’t this the same Government Ethics & Campaign Reform act that Congress has shot down already? Big government is getting more and more into Americans personal lives but refuse to check papers of illegal Mexicans and securing the borders. Tarheel’s we had better kick out the Democrat politicians out of office soon or we will not have any private or freedoms, this goes for blacks and whites if they want to keep freedom alive and well.


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