Americans can you see pass the free handouts?

How can any American,  black, white or any other color support Barack Obama and the Democrats after seeing what they have done to we the American people and our great Country?  Are most blacks far left liberals?  If you’re not then how can you still be supporting Obama’s agenda?  If blacks are not far left liberals then why is it that almost 90% of blacks support Obama?  Don’t all Americans see what Barack Obama is doing to America after a year and half with him in the White House?  Obama has left America’s borders wide open allowing anyone to come into the Country illegally and staying, these could be terrorist.   Obama administration is mostly far left Radicals pick personally by him. 

Obama and the Democrats has refused to allow the American people to have a say on bills like Obama’s healthcare that the Democrats by-passed the Senate by using their back room dealings.  For the first time in history forcing you the citizen to buy a product.  All this while allowing illegals to sneak across the borders to have a baby in our hospitals free of charge…he can’t force illegals to buy insurance but he is forcing the citizens of The United States to buy insurance or be fined. 

While Obama is building bigger Government to rule over our every day lives and spending like crazy driving up our debt into the trillions, he’s down sizing our strong military to a weaker military fighting force with small arms to defend the Country.  Making deals with Russian to get rid of our nukes. 

I will ask this: (1)  Why do you think President Obama is spending like crazy into the trillions?  (2) Why is he leaving our borders wide open for illegals to come in?  (3) Why is he weakening our Military? (4) Why does Obama want to limit our drilling for oil, forcing The United States to rely on other Countries for her oil?  

Something really smells fishy does it not!


(1)  Tolerance: Libs target GOP homeowners in Pacific Northwest   by Michelle Malkin

(2) The constitution is dead.   by mortgagejedi

(3)  Palin unloads on Obama: Stop whining about Bush’s policies   By Allahpundit

6 comments on “Americans can you see pass the free handouts?

  1. Goodtimepolitics: I almost trash can this comment from futiledemocracy of the UK, but instead decided to debate this one comment at least. Anymore form futiledemocracy will be trashed!

    futiledemocracy: After what “they’ve done’ ? They have had two years to unravel the crap that eight years of conservative rule forced upon the Country.

    Goodtimepolitics: Yes Obama and the Democrats have had a year and half to run up the debt into the trillions of dollars with nothing to show for the money, passed bills behind closed doors so we the American people can not have a say and kept our borders wide open for illegals! Unemployment has climbed from 8% to 10% and that is Obama policies not President Bush’s policies!

    futiledemocracy: The rest of the World is sick to death of Republican Americans.

    Goodtimepolitics We could care less what the rest of the World thinks when it comes to our way of living here in America.

    futiledemocracy You seem more interested in honouring Presidents whom either start wars on the basis of entire lies, or use tax payers money to fund right winged terrorists in Latin America.

    Goodtimepolitics It looks as if President Bush got some of the imformatin from no other than Britain which also sent troops to Iraq. I notice you didn’t say anything about Obama’s funds to the terrorist Hamas, Why? Oh is Hamas consider left wing terrorists?

    The famous “16 words” in President Bush’s Jan. 28, 2003 State of the Union address turn out to have a basis in fact after all, according to two recently released investigations in the US and Britain.
    Bush said then, “The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa .” Some of his critics called that a lie, but the new evidence shows Bush had reason to say what he did.
    A British intelligence review released July 14 calls Bush’s 16 words “well founded.”

    futiledemocrazy Under the Republicans, your healthcare system was the very worst, of all industrialised Nations. According to the World Health Organisation, us here in the UK with our EVIL SOCIALIST healthcare system, pay less than you, our child mortality rate is better than yours, and we live longer than you. So you continue to complain about the fact that a President is actually bothering to address the fact that to be healthy and fit in America, you have to pay an insurance businessmen for the privilege, and i’ll continue to enjoy my EVIL SOCIALIST healthcare, whilst living longer.

    Goodtimepolitics Look as if your leaders want to change your SOCIALIST healthcare to a private insurance healthcare system. so why if it’s like you say are they wanting to change it?

    Britain Moves toward Doctor-Patient ControlBritain’s new coalition government is proposing a major transformation of its socialized health-care system to give doctors much more authority over decisions involving their patients’ care. Currently, how and where patients are treated, and by whom, is largely determined by decisions made by 150 entities known as primary care trusts — all of which would be abolished under the plan, with some of those choices going to patients. It would also abolish many current government-set targets, like limits on how long patients have to wait for treatment.READ MORE AT SOURCE

    futiledemocracy: Republicans made the USA, one of the most hated Countries on the planet. The joy expressed across the World when the Democrats took back the White House, was fantastic. I think I speak for the vast majority of the world, when I say I hope conservatives don’t get anywhere near power again;

    Goodtimepolitics: Well we’re at the last part of your comment and as we all can see that you hate America and would like to see Obama take The United States down the far left road to a dictatorship type socialist government! You have a great day in the UK, we will have a great day here in The Freedom Loving United States of America!

  2. Great post. Welfare/handouts have given Democrats a slew of lifetime voters.

    Also, I’ve never understood the liberal way of thinking. How does it make sense that spending more money will decrease a debt? If that were the case, why don’t they release their secret to the public? I know a lot of families who could use some help. Is the reasoning to that philosophy in the same place Al Gore’s blueprint to the internet is hidden?

    Hopefully enough Republicans will get elected in November to stop the bleeding long enough for Obama to get out of office.

  3. Thanks theweeklyargus for your comment, we have to get the American people thinking pass the free handouts and understanding what is going to come our way soon in the form of a socialist style Country under Barack Obama and his far left radical friends in his administration.

  4. Many Blacks are already feeling the negative effects of the Obama agenda.
    Many are suffering in silence, they expected him to really bring about a change.
    They are finding out the hard way that having a Black as President is not really making a difference in their lives. many feel that they are worst off now than before he was elected.
    They suffer in silence as they always do, and because they are programmed, and above all loyal to the Democratic Party, they just stay silent. Many of those i talk with on a daily basis blames BUSH for all of the mess, and is so blind to any other view. Many of the less educated really do not care for them it really do not matter now who is the President, life has dealth a bad blow, and so they survive the best way they know.
    The other issues involves lack of support, and no clear Leader who really represents them.
    in many places what i call “white lash” is really impacting them.
    Many are losing jobs and have nowhere to turn.
    Many have moved back home, double up, add rooms to existing homes, and just live.
    They can survive on Rice and Beans, go fishing, or hunting (This is a small Town)
    They cut lawns, pick fruit, pecans in season, peaches etc, eat greens and other vegs.
    THE ARGUMENT THAT THE MEXICANS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO DO THAT TYPE OF WORK IS NOT TRUE IN OUR SMALL TOWN. The poor men here White and Black pick up iron and metals, cans and other items which can be sold to help their families. As a matter of facts many are ashamed to go to the Welfare Building. Not only would they not qualify, but these would be negative talk about them
    The issue about FREE HAND OUTS is really a lie when it comes to the Blacks.
    It is very difficult for Blacks and Poor Whites to recieve these benefits.
    Pregnant women or a woman with children, is the first priority.
    Men in general are not considered, and do not qualify for these benefits, this is not just a BLACK thing.
    Why do you think many end up on the wrong side of the law?
    They dont get help from anywhere, even if they are educated they may still have problems.
    Look up the qualification for your state for any type of Government Handouts.
    Also take a trip to your local Welfare office and see who is sitting in the waiting area.

  5. How true Cele but for the blacks to keep supporting Obama is crazy as do the far left liberals support him and his socialist America agenda, bigger government with more control over all Americans lives be they white, black or what-ever color. Yes I see blacks, and white out working those hard jobs just to eat while the big companies hire illegal Mexicans that Obama has kept the border open for them to cross. We haven’t seen nothing yet, wait until the Bush tax cuts expire and the prices of everything goes up and yes even food. The rich create jobs and when their taxes goes up its pass down to we the people in the form of higher prices. We better hope for a change in congress in November as to stop Obama in his tracks down the wrong road. Yes I know black aren’t all far left liberals, but then 90% of them are supporting the far left agenda when they support Obama. They need to wake-up and speak out along side the rest of us that want whats best for our Country and its people. Thanks again for your comments!

  6. T.D.
    I forgot to mention the impact on the Black Churches, many of them are closing, in bankruptcy, and the Pastors cannot keep the doors of the Churches open any longer.
    They dont blame Obama for any of this as he is a Prince Hall Mason, and therefore a brother whom they supported, and encouraged their members to go out and vote for so he could be the chosen one.
    I forsee that when the brothers start really feeling the pinch, and their money source is in jeapordy, they will then find a way to destroy him. The only problem with this situation is that they have no one to turn to as Hillary and Bill cannot trust them anymore, and there is no one in the Democratic Party with the prestige or connections to really come forward to help their cause.
    The Kennedys may have endorced Obama but they are also now just a name, and out of reach.
    Jeremiah Wright, Sharpton, Jackson, and Farrakan only speak, and get richer.
    The Kings remain silent they have too much going on with Law Suits, and family division.
    Oprah was also put under the bus, and may be rich but is a great distance from the Blacks.
    Oprah was not popular with Black for many years, after she denied Jesus Christ she was shunned, then now after she endorced Obama she can only rely on her money, fame fortune and the Whites.
    New age movement do not sit too well with Blacks.

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