Unemployment has decimated economic growth in Charlotte N.C.

From President Obama down to the local elected officials they have done nothing except sit on their hands while the American people have to depend on handouts from the Government’s socialist programs. An article from Examiner.com explains it well. Most Americans want to work for their living, but there is no jobs. All most two years of Barack Obama saying he would create jobs and we have gained nothing from his policies.

Here we don’t grow again. Unemployment has decimated economic growth in Charlotte and our local elected officials sit on their hands and do nothing. There are currently 1.4 million long term unemployed individuals who have exhausted their Unemployment Benefits and our government does nothing. I’ll give you an example; when Wall Street needed funds it took three days to craft a bill and send the money. These are the same banks who were supposed to take the money and shed themselves of toxic assets so we could essentially kick start our economy and begin lending. Well, they took the money and used it on something totally different and they are not lending to small businesses for growth after the very people they were supposed to help, funded their failure. SOURCE


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