Texas Democrat Bill White said he’s too busy to meet with the president

Bill White, the Democrat running for Texas governor says he’s to busy to meet with President Barack Obama. The people of Texas should let Bill White know that it’s a little late to be running from his man Obama now as we all know he voted him into the White House as a far left liberal. And yes Bill White the people know if you were elected governor of Texas it would be right back to you kissing up to everything Obama wanted.

Bill White, the Democrat running for Texas governor, has a message for President Barack Obama: Call me.

Obama is scheduled to come to Texas for fundraisers on Aug. 9, but White has said he’s too busy to meet with the president.

He said he’d happily take a call from Obama.

“I’d be available to talk to the president, whoever the president of the United States is, at any time,” White said Friday. “I’m available to talk to anybody by telephone.” SOURCE

Factchecking Bill White

There are plenty of articles on Bill White criticizing Republicans, including the first result. I found nothing where Bill White criticized Obama. If Bill White has been criticizing Obama, he’s been doing it very, very quietly. SOURCE