‘Big Spending’ Democrats Now Face The Anger People In Town Hall Meeting!

Democrats did you see what happen to Arlen Specter? FIRED

Yes Democrats that are up for election in November already knows how it feel for the American people to fired their butts. The Democrats that are not worried about being fired this November better understand two years isn’t very long before their butts will be in line to be fired by the American people. People are fed up with your big Government and the big spending don’t you see!  Democrats are distancing themselves from their president and party’s big spending, but don’t let that fool you as they would go right back to Obama’s side on big spending if they’re re-elected.  Beware of their promises that they never keep!

As members of Congress head back to their districts for the August recess, they could be met by the same rowdy town halls that rocked the national healthcare debate last summer.

But this summer, record-breaking government spending would fuel the voter uprising, conservatives say.

First, billions in Bush-era tax cuts are set to expire with rates going back up – potentially slowing the recovery unless Congress extends the cuts. Separately, 13 massive government spending or appropriations bills to fund the government next year are almost certain to increase spending.

Endangered centrist Democrats are distancing themselves from their president and party’s big spending. In Arkansas, Democrat Blanche Lincoln trails her GOP opponent by double digits. SOURCE