Dark Cloud Drifting Over The Democrats For Nov. Elections

Not looking good for the democrats come November as a very dark cloud is hanging over their head. Obama in as much has thrown all of them under the bus to pass his socialist agenda bills and his spending spree of taxpayers money.  Hurting blacks and whites alike!

Rep. Maxine Waters has become the second House Democrat to face a high-profile ethics trial following Rep. Charlie Rangel, Fox News has confirmed, further complicating the midterm election outlook for Democrats as they battle to keep control of the House.

Waters, 71, is accused of using her position to help arrange for federal bailout funds for a bank associated with her family. She was investigated for communicating with an executive at a bank in which her husband owned stock. The bank was applying for a federal bailout. She serves on the House Financial Services Committee.

Waters’ decision presents a rare, rather bizarre situation for House Democrats and two, public trials for members of the Congressional Black Caucus. SOURCE

House details 13 violations against Rep. Charles Rangel

After 21 months of work, a special investigative subcommittee on Thursday detailed 13 charges against Rangel in a 40-page Statement of Alleged Violation. The subcommittee said it had “substantial reason” to believe that serious violations related to the performance of official duties by a member had occurred.

The alleged violations include: failure to report more than $600,000 in income on financial disclosure statements, improper use of rent-stabilized apartment to benefit Rangel’s own campaign committees, failure to report and pay taxes on rental income on a beach villa, and improper solicitation of funds for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service at the City College of New York. SOURCE

Third but not least: Barack Obama

Has not secured the US/Mexico border.

Law suit against Az. for the state trying to do the job Obama has not done in securing the border.

Slow responds to the Gulf Oil Spill.

Unemployment still at an all time high after year and half of his big spending bills.

Passing bills against the will of the American people behind closed doors.

Playing the race card, driving a bigger divide between Blacks and Whites.

Letting Bush tax break expire…making higher taxes on small businesses.

Has Far Left Socialist agenda.


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