Old DWI Cases In North Carolina may be Reactivate, Three Attorneys sent to Prison for Public Corruption

Our Justice system is completely corrupt from the Federal level down into the State level. With courts like this taking place every day now I can see how Barack Obama can get what-ever he wants from the courts.  Money and Power people,  yes that’s it!  Makes this voter think of the Court Case  .

More than 30 people who scored an illegal dismissal on a drunken driving charge several years ago could now be called upon to face penalties for the crime.

Johnston County District Attorney Susan Doyle filed a motion Wednesday asking a judge to strike dismissals in the cases, which would reactivate each case.

The defendants benefited from a scheme in which four criminal defense attorneys and a prosecutor improperly dismissed their charges. Three of those attorneys, Chad Lee, Lee Hatch and former prosecutor Cindy Jaeger, were sent to prison this year for public corruption. Two other attorneys, Vann Sauls and Jack McLamb, were placed on probation for their part in the plot. SOURCE