Has North Carolina Learned It’s Lesson?

North Carolina ranked fourth laziest state in America. Which has nothing to do with learning our lesson or does it?

In 1976 North Carolina went for Dem. Jimmy Carter and after that lesson didn’t vote again for a Democrat until Barack Obama in 2008. Under Obama the unemployment is at an all time high, American/Mexico border not secure, Iran with an upper hand over the White House and spending running wild, North Carolina voters should have learned the same lesson we did with Jimmy Carter. Adding to this is Obama’s campaign promises not kept, bringing the troops home from Iraq, closing down Gitmo. More to the List of Obama wrongs, using the race card, slow responds to the Gulf oil spill, bring law suit against Arizona immigration law, not bring the Black Panthers to justice and I could keep going but if we Tarheels hasn’t learned our lesson by now. Then we are as WNCT.Com has reported that North Carolina ranked fourth laziest state in America. North Carolinians are spending more time in front of the tv, and just overall relaxing more than most states. The study says people in our state spend about twelve and a half hours a day sleeping, socializing, and watching tv. Read more at wnct.com


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