McDowell County, NC 12.2 percent jobless rate for June


Obama Signing Stimulus Bill, The President has staked his reputation on the package, a mixture of tax cuts and spending projects, saying its success will determine his own.


In December of 2008 the unemployment in North Carolina was at 8% and what this voter see is that the Obama and Democrats policies has hurt the North Carolina people. $10 billion in federal stimulus has come into North Carolina, with half or more already spent and unemployment has climb to an all time high over the last year and half under Obama’s leadership. Proof that the federal stimulus was a failed undertaking from the start. Let the democrats know that you’re not dumb enough to vote for them again in the November elections, that you want a change in congress. Obama your stimulus bill has failed and so have you!

For the month of June, McDowell County reported a jobless rate of 12.2 percent, which is almost unchanged from the previous month.

The N.C. Employment Security Commission recently released the jobless figures for June for all 100 counties in the state.

In June, North Carolina had 47 counties that were at or below the state’s unadjusted unemployment rate of 10.1 percent.

Of the surrounding counties, Rutherford reported the highest rate for June with a 14.7 percent rate. Rutherford also had the third highest rate in the state for that month. Burke had a 12.8 percent rate. Mitchell reported a 10.4 percent rate while Yancey reported a 10.6 percent rate. Buncombe reported an 8.2 percent rate. Avery reported a rate of 8 percent, the lowest rate of the surrounding counties. SOURCE