Sharron Angle “Reid a flip-flopper on steroids”

Angle, a Tea Party icon who is vying to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., in the November midterm election, said Friday her positions on Social Security and education are in fact “mainstream” and accused her opponents of taking her views “out of context.”

My views are not out of the mainstream,” Angle said. “They are actually what every American is thinking and that is that we need to go to a smaller government model.”

Such a model, Angle said, would include “putting things back into the states that never should have been under the federal government’s guidance in the first place.” She said such a fundamental “restructuring” specifically applies to the Department of Education, where “we’ve gotten one size-fits-all policies that don’t fit anyone.”

“Just look at ‘No Child Left Behind,’” she said of the multi-billion dollar education law signed by President George W. Bush and criticized for falling short of its original goals.

“This would be money better spent right here at the local level, in the local classroom by the teachers and the parents – those true stakeholders,” Angle said. “If the states could actually keep their money, they’d be much better off.” SOURCE

This voter would call Reid worst than a flip-flopper on steroids. He’s a senate crook that deals behind closed doors locking out the American taxpayer so that we not know how much it’s costing us in taxes to pay for votes on his and Obama’s socialist bills such as he did with Obama health care bill that has proven already a costly one and a job killer.
I agree with Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle that the Federal Government should get out of our schools and under the States guidance. The teachers and the parents does a better job of teaching than the crooks in the Federal Government. Yes we need less government in our lives giving we the people more freedom to live our lives to the fullest! Nevada voters if you want more of the same back room deals that will cost you dearly then vote Reid, if you want more freedom to live your own life without being told by the big government how or what you can or can not do then vote for candidate Sharron Angle.