Obama Fights To Survive, Can you see the desperation?

Obama throws a weak left hook,  Republicans hits home with a hard right hand wicked jab in this boxing ring of politics. Read some of the comments from both sides below.  Obama starts the round with his weak left hook and the Republicans counter with the right hand wicked jab knocking Obama down for the 10 count in this 15 (15 week) round fight to the Mid-term elections. Republicans win first round!

Here are some comments made on Friday about jobs.

President Barack Obama “This report is a sign that our economy is getting stronger by the day. … I want to emphasize that most of the jobs this month that we’re seeing in the statistics represent workers who have been hired to complete the 2010 census, so these are temporary jobs that are only going to last until the fall and that may be reflected in future jobs reports. But even if you put those temporary jobs aside, there’s no doubt that we saw another month of private-sector job growth.”

Economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth “This is a shocking jobs report, especially after the billions of dollars Congress has spent on different stimulus programs. … The job market clearly is not improving, and Congress needs to take a different tack, such as making the current tax rates permanent and cutting spending.”

Georgia Rep. Tom Price “The Obama administration seems to have plenty of jobs to offer to Democrat primary challengers. It’s too bad most of the 15 million unemployed Americans aren’t eligible. With the number of potential workers increasing every day, new job opportunities can’t come quickly enough. Unemployment has been well over 9% for an entire year now, and in April long-term unemployment reached its highest level in 60 years. Clearly, these problems are not going to be solved with handouts to political cronies or temporary Census jobs that will disappear again in a few months.” SOURCE

One comment on “Obama Fights To Survive, Can you see the desperation?

  1. President needs to lead by example:

    We have not heard the buck stops at the top from our dear President. He needs to show “We the People” fellow Americans he is cutting back as he asked us to do. We are asking him to eliminate his Czars, which could redistribute millions putting 3-5 hard working Americans providing for familes back to work. If one Czar makes an average of $160K that would give 4 Americans $40/yr x 40 would put 160 Americans back to work instead of 40 Czar’s. This would eliminate their staff, office supplies, cars, travel again saving millions to fullfill that promise of jobs for hardworking Americans desparately needed. Next would be Congress and the Senate to write down their promises of where they would be cutting spending and making real jobs. It would be a beginning of Good Faith by our President, he has to lead the way.

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