Commander of N.C. Highway Patrol has resigned, Dem. Gov. Beverly Perdue takes heat

Do you consider Dem. Gov. Beverly Perdue of North Carolina a good leader for the Old Tarheel State? Or….is Beverly Perdue just another far left liberal like Obama? I am also thinking back to NC Governor Beverly Perdue signs the North Carolina Racial Justice Act
Governor Beverly Perdue has signed Senate Bill 461, the North Carolina Racial Justice Act, which permit defendants and inmates to challenge death sentences by presenting statistical evidence of racial bias. I read this in the same article click here:
Racial equality is not achieved by allowing convicted murders sentenced to capital punishment live, setting quotas, nor creating laws limiting convictions for crimes due to race.  In my opinion Perdue isn’t doing a good job as Governor of North Carolina!

Head Of Scandal-Ridden NC Highway Patrol Resigns

In the last two years at least nine North Carolina Highway Patrolmen have resigned or been dismissed for misconduct, often involving sex or alcohol.

Governor Bev Perdue talked tough last week when she demanded an end to the embarrassing behavior. But she shocked many by refusing to clean house in the patrol’s upper ranks.

Governor Perdue became agitated when questioned about her role in getting Glover promoted. Perdue’s office will not say whether the governor asked Glover to resign and Colonel Glover refuses to comment, as well. SOURCE