Obama’s Drilling Ban Could Cost 140,000 jobs – Obama Presses Jobless Benefits Extension

Obama Presses Republicans on Jobless Benefits Extension at the same time he’s killing 140,000 jobs on the Gulf Coast by stopping the Gulf of Mexico oil drilling. What does Obama want, on one hand he says he creating jobs and on the other hand he’s killing jobs and wanting workers to go on unemployment.  Obama allowing more illegal Immigrats into our Country to take jobs away from Americans.  A brainless  president from this point of view!  Where you say he attended school?


The Obama administration last week issued a revised plan to halt deep-water offshore drilling after a federal appeals court struck down the original six-month moratorium.
Industry officials and Gulf Coast lawmakers say local workers can’t take that kind of hit and that by the time the ban is over, some companies will have moved their business overseas. SOURCE

Jobless Benefits

Obama Presses Republicans on Jobless Benefits Extension

President Obama on Monday pressed Republican senators to drop their opposition to a jobless benefits extension, accusing them of advancing the “misguided notion” that unemployment aid discourages people from looking for work.

“They’re not looking for a handout. They desperately want to work,” Obama said. SOURCE