Obama claims created 3 million jobs, more like 1.1 million temp jobs costing $700,000 each!

Hillary Clinton said you Obama was not experience enough to be president…the lady was right on!  The 3 am phone has rung going on two years with no good answers!  Pick up the phone Barack!

Dems Deserve What They’ll Get in the Fall

The Administration claims stimulus spending saved or created about three million jobs but the actual head count at http://www.recovery.gov is 682, 370 through March 31. Including the multiplier effects of workers spending earnings in the private sector, the total impact is a bit more than one million jobs.

Many stimulus jobs were temporary but more jobs have been added since March, so the total impact remains about 1.1 million temporary jobs, costing taxpayers about $700,000 each — not a good bargain! SOURCE

Obama will kill 240,000 jobs by stopping off shore drilling! Obama we Americans can figure that out without forming a commission. That’s right $700.000 per temp job isn’t a very good deal for the taxpayers. You’re going to have many more unemployed people when the oil spill is cleaned up, I would think in the thousands! The Country is going broke under your un-experience leadership. Don’t forget the illegal immigrants that you’re allowing to come into the Country that will be stealing jobs that Americans need to feed their families.


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