Obama’s First Response To A Crisis Is To Sue

With two major crisis that harm Americans Obama was slower than a snail in responding to help solve ether one brings us back to the Hillary Clinton 3 am phone call to the White House. The two articles below explains what took Obama so long to respond.


Obama Threatens Legal Action Against BP

June 4, 2010: President Obama reiterated on Tuesday the administration’s commitment to determine the cause of last month’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, referring to the crisis as “the greatest environmental disaster of its kind in our [nation’s] history.” Obama also vowed to bring to justice anyone who may have committed a crime by contributing to the spill…..Read more at the SOURCE


Obama sues Arizona

07/06/10: The complaint is here (pdf). At 25 pages, it is two and a half times the length of the bill itself. One wonders if anyone in the Obama administration actually read this document given their infamous unwillingness to read the Arizona law…..Keep reading at SOURCE

Obama sues first and then goes on a golfing vacation. After reading the two articles above, how do you feel about our Teleprompter in Chief’s snail pace job performance in taking care of the two crisis? Where would you place Barack Obama in your worst ever president list?


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  1. Does our fearless leader have the courage to take on Iran, North Korea and sue them? It would be great! ACLU lawyers should be suing the USA to bring suit or release all the terrorists promised swfit justice and a quick execution by our tough talking President.

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