All 10,000 Crime Victim Visas Issued Most Are Given To Illegal immigrants

Let me see if I understand this, people can commit a crime by sneaking into The United States, once here they can commit another crime against an illegal immigrant which can then get a visa to be here legally! Obama why don’t you want to secure the border so we don’t have such a problem? Why is it so hard for immigrants to get visas to work legally from the border crossing gate?   Could the reason for sneaking across our border instead of coming by way of legal visa from border crossing gate be that they are terrorist, drug dealers, thief’s, murderers, escape prisoners, rapist and I could think of many more reasons!

The last of this fiscal year’s supply of visas was approved Thursday morning, marking the first time the government has hit the statutory “U” visa limit since the program became active two years ago.

In 2007, attorneys for immigrants who had been victims of crime sued the federal government for failing to issue any visas. Only 52 were issued in 2008. About 6,000 applications were approved last fiscal year.
Most visas are given to people not allowed to be in the country, but some are given to people with some sort of permission to be in the U.S. Read more at SOURCE