UTAH:Group sends list of 1300 alleged undocumented (Illegal) immigrants to authorities

An anonymous letter sent to local law enforcement and media outlets lists names of alleged undocumented immigrants living in Utah. The list contains the names, addresses, phone numbers and birth states of 1300 adults and children, all of whom are of Hispanic descent. The sender, listed as “Concerned Citizens of the United States,” claim they are not a militia or cult and insist those on the list to be deported immediately. READ MORE AT SOURCE

Well does this tell you that the American people are tired of people coming into our Country illegally and the Federal Government not deporting them. If they are here illegally then they have admitted a crime and should be arrested, we citizens are arrested when we admit a crime. We citizens also have to produce an ID when asked for it by the police. It’s time for the Federal Government to do their jobs. What happen to the citizen’s arrest that once was legal?


(1)  Illegal Immigrants Lose Government Food Aid in Utah: “They wonder if Americans are getting preference over them”  Food pantries are seeing a rise in demand after a rules change in Utah cut some 2,200 families with undocumented immigrants from state food stamp rolls.