Chamber of Commerce Slams Obama on Jobs, Taxes, Regulations

This report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce out weigh Obama’s creating jobs and stimulating the economy statements. Obama the unemployed Americans know better and you should stop lying to we the citizens. Unemployment is still near 10% and some states the unemployment is much higher, take a look at Harry Reid’s state. Come on Barack Obama please stop the campaign lying and tell us the truth….that you have made unemployment worst with your tax and regulatory policies. Mr. President you have now put more workers on unemployment by shutting down the oil drilling wells in the Gulf…

One of the most influential U.S. business groups accused President Barack Obama on Wednesday of neglecting job creation and sowing economic uncertainty with burdensome tax and regulatory policies.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce urged Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress to shift their approach to “unlock frozen capital and jolt our economy back to life.”

The group released the letter before a “Jobs for America” summit it is hosting and on the same day Obama’s Council of Economic advisers is releasing a report that shows the president’s policies are creating jobs and stimulating the economy.

The letter adds to growing criticism the Obama administration has faced lately from the business sector. Keep read at SOURCE