Majority of Americans Losing Faith in Obama

ABC, Washington Post, Fox News, CBS and many more are on the same page reporting that 60 percent of American voters say they are losing both faith and confidence in President Obama.


Registered voters by an 8-point margin say they’d prefer to see the Republicans take control of Congress the clearest sign yet of GOP opportunities and Democratic risks in the 2010 midterm elections.
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About 60 percent of American voters say they are losing both faith and confidence in President Obama, according to a public opinion poll published Tuesday.

The results of the Washington Post/ABC News poll are a 180-degree turn from the start of Obama’s presidency 18 months ago, with nearly 60 percent of those polled saying they lack faith in the commander-in-chief. In January of 2009, 60 percent said they were confident in his decision-making. Read more at: FOX NEWS


Majority of Americans losing faith in Obama: poll, hope GOP takes control of Congress in November
The results are the exact opposite of what voters said in a similar poll at the beginning of Obama’s presidency 18 months ago. Then, approximately 60 percent said they were confident with his decision making.

And voters, by an 8-point margin, said they hope Republicans take control of Congress. Keep reading at: NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Voice of America

The tough assessment of Mr. Obama’s performance comes as he deals with military action abroad, high unemployment at home, weak stock and housing markets and the oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.

The poll also shows that only 43 percent of voters, including a third of Democrats, approve of Mr. Obama’s handling of the struggling U.S. economy. Keep reading at Voice of America


2 comments on “Majority of Americans Losing Faith in Obama

  1. Obama is sucking. Bush sucked. The system is broken. People can vote out Obama but the next guy will have the same policies. The system is rigged. Corporations control the White House. I’m not even a conspiracy guy. Do u think replacing Obama will change things for the better? And by better I mean for Americans.

  2. Yes I know that things will change for better once we get the democrats out of control of congress and more balance! Yes we will be much better off getting Obama and his big spending out of the White House. I know for a fact that my family was better off the 8 years of President G.W. Bush than we are now under Barack Hussein Obama the unknown one! I will have to amit that Obama has done so much damage to America that putting her back together will be a hard and long task for who ever we elect for President in 2012.
    Obama does not have enough experience to do anything much less being President of America. Carter was better than Obama, that telling you something?

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