83 Days, 3 golf outing, vacations and campaign trips, Oil Spill Not Plugged!

And G.W. Bush gets blamed for Obama inexperience and slow response to the Gulf Oil Spill…I guess Bush gets the blame for Obama’s poor golf game, vacations and campaigning trips these 83 days that the people on the Gulf Coast has been waiting for help.
Did Obama wait to give the oil time to reach the shores so he would have a good reason to shut down off shore drilling and to push his green agenda. Don’t forget what was being said right after the spill, Don’t let a crisis go to waste!


April 20 – Oil drilling rig operated by BP explodes in the Gulf of Mexico nearly 50 miles of the Louisiana coast.

Obama – returns to Washington from Los Angeles, where he was attending a set of Democratic fundraisers the night before.

April 21 – Coast Guard helicopters search for 11 missing oil rig workers
Obama meets with Senate Judiciary Committee members at the White House to discuss the Supreme Court vacancy. He later hosts a reception for G20 labor officials.
April 22 – The Deepwater Horizon rig sinks, while search-and-rescue efforts continue.
Obama travels to New York City to discuss his financial regulatory bill. The president later holds a meeting in the Oval Office about the response to the oil rig tragedy. The White House releases a statement saying Obama is ensuring the government is offering “all assistance needed” in the rescue effort and in responding to the environmental impact.

April 23 – The Coast Guard ends the search for the missing 11 workers, who are presumed dead, at the end of the day. The Coast Guard reports that oil does not appear to be leaking from the well head, though they are trying to contain what spilled in the explosion.
Obama and the first family travel to Asheville, N.C., for vacation.

April 24 – The Coast Guard discovers oil leaking from the ocean floor.
Obama plays golf in North Carolina.

April 25 – The Coast Guard estimates up to 1,000 barrels are leaking in the Gulf every day in the wake of the blast. Dozens of boats and hundreds of response workers are deployed to contain the spill.
Obama leaves Asheville to attend a memorial service for the West Virginia miners who died in the Upper Big Branch explosion.

April 26 – About 15,000 gallons of dispersants and 21,000 feet of boom are used at the spill site to mitigate the damage from the leak.
Obama greets the New York Yankees at the White House, then speaks at an entrepreneurship summit.
April 27 – More boats are deployed to the Gulf. Coast Guard officials say they’re considering lighting the spill on fire.
The Obama administration launches an investigation into the explosion. Administration officials meet with BP executives. Obama meets with the newly formed debt and deficit commission, then travels to Iowa to speak at an energy facility.
April 28 – Crews start to set fire to select sections of the spill. The Coast Guard reports that it has found a new leak, and updates its estimate of the spill from 1,000 to 5,000 barrels a day.
Obama talks about the economy in Missouri. He later travels to Illinois to talk about financial reform. He is briefed on Air Force One about the spill on the way back to Washington.

April 29 – The Coast Guard says the oil spill could soon reach landfall, while mitigation efforts continue.
Obama, in his first public remarks on the spill, pledges to deploy “every single available resource” in response. He speaks with the governors from five Gulf states, while Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declares a “spill of national significance.”

April 30 – Oil reportedly begins to wash ashore in Louisiana’s wetlands. High winds make coastal protection efforts difficult.
Obama again addresses the spill in public remarks. He suspends new offshore oil drilling but reaffirms his commitment to domestic oil production. The president order an immediate review on rig safety and sends top administration officials to the Gulf coast.

May 1 – Two more offshore platforms are shut down in the Gulf of Mexico as a precaution. Crews continue using dispersants by the leak. The slick from the explosion has tripled in size. Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Thad Allen is put in charge.

Obama speaks at the University of Michigan commencement. Obama later attends the White House Correspondents Dinner.

May 2 – More vessels and response teams are deployed. Fishing is shut down from the Mississippi River to the Florida panhandle.

Obama travels to the Gulf coast to survey the damage and meet with local officials. He calls the spill a “potentially unprecedented” disaster and pledges a “relentless” federal response. Obama is later briefed on the attempted Times Square bombing. Read what Obama was doing on all dates at SOURCE


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